Kayleigh Nefdt

Sports Massage Therapist and Wellness Specialist

Kayleigh is a certified Sports Massage therapist with progressive expertise in therapeutic massage services. Proficient with best practices in sports massage therapy, Kayleigh has immense ability to provide optimal athlete care through her ability to leverage her expertise to provide massages before/after sporting events. Kayleigh is adept in creating sports- specific rehabilitation programs to meet athlete’s needs. She also provides fascial blading and cupping massage therapy, pre & post event massage, and treating sports injuries.

Areas of Expertise
♦ Sports Injuries 
♦ Neck, Shoulder, Back & Knee Pain Relief
♦ Rehabilitation Programmes
♦ Injury Prevention & Maintenance
♦ Pre & Post Event Massage
♦ Stress & Tension Relief
♦ Improving Flexibility
♦ Muscle Fatigue
♦ Pregnancy Massages
♦ Elderly Massages
♦ CBD Massages 
♦ Cupping Therapy

“I have a passion for healing and helping my clients recover and get back on their feet. If my clients are happy, I am happy.”